5 Reasons Why Couponing Can Be the Worst

5 Reasons Why Couponing Can Be the Worst - 20 Something Couponer

I love couponing. Spending $5 on a shopping trip that is worth $100 is a great feeling. However, sometimes couponing can be a drag. Don’t get me wrong, but there are times when I’ve been so bummed out by a couponing trip that I swear to myself that I’m never going to do it again. Here are my 5 reasons why couponing can be the worst.

5 Reasons Why Couponing Can Be the Worst

Getting Coupons – It can be hard actually finding coupons at times. Buying the Sunday newspaper can be expensive and printing all those online coupons can really use a lot of printer ink, which is costly.

Pissing Off Everyone Else in the Line – People aren’t happy when someone has a stack of coupons in front of them. At times, this is understandable – if the person behind you has one item, let them go ahead of you. But sometimes, even if there are people behind you, you need to complete your purchase, using all those coupons. I’ve found that when people are angry at first, by the end they’re shocked to see how little I ended up paying.

Coupons not Working – Sometimes coupons don’t always scan, even when there’s nothing wrong with them and they aren’t expired. Be patient when this happens. Usually, the cashier will call over a manager and they will put in the coupon manually.

Stores That Don’t Understand Their Own Coupon Policy – UGH. I hate this. I’ve discovered that when I check out, many cashiers don’t know or don’t believe that you can combine store coupons with manufacturers coupons. This is the policy at stores like CVS, Target and Whole Foods. If this happens, stand your ground and ask for a manager. Also, it helps if you bring a copy of the coupon policy of whatever store you’re shopping at with you.

When Everything Doesn’t Go According to Plan – I don’t think everyone realizes how much planning goes into couponing. Check out some of my past CVS couponing plans to see how much planning I do. Sometimes things I want are sold out or sometimes I have problems like I wrote about above. It’s a real bummer when an item you were counting on isn’t in stock and your whole couponing plan goes off the rails.

What are some of the issues you’ve had while couponing? Or what prevents you from couponing in the first place? Let me know in the comments

Blog Income Report – September 2016

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Blog Income Report - September 2016 - 20 Something Couponer
Blog Income Report – September 2016 – 20 Something Couponer

It’s officially fall, my absolute favorite season! How was your September? Mine was great, I went to Disney World for the first time ever and it was just as great, if not better than I ever imagined it being. I’m already planning my next trip back.

I’ve been blogging for a while now and I’ve discovered that reading other bloggers income reports is a great way to learn how other bloggers monetize their blogs. I hope that my monetization journey can help other bloggers so, here is my September blog income report:

Blog Income Report – September 2016


ShareASale– $31

Stella and Dot – $10

Easy Closets – $20

ShareASale – $1

Last month I  said how excited I was to work with EasyClosets and that paid off in the amount of $20, yay! I improved from last month, which is great considering I was away for a lot of September. If you want to know more about this great affiliate network, read my post about how much I love ShareASale.

IZEA – $14

Google Adsense- $25.41

Sponsored Posts – $100

September 2016 BLOG INCOME TOTAL  – $170.41

Social Media Totals for September 2016

I’ve been working really hard to increase my Twitter following, my goal is 10,000 by the end of the year.

Goals for October 2016

  • Only had 5 posts this month, but I’m going to work harder and try to have 8 posts this month.
  • Work harder on my Twitter following, I really want to hit that 10,000 follower goal by the end of the year
  • I earned $50 in Amazon gift cards through DealSpotr in September! Read more about DealSpotr here and here.

Total Money Earned Blogging – $740.62

Previous Blog Income Reports

Fellow bloggers, how did you do this month? Let me know in the comments.

10 National Retailers That Allow Coupon Stacking

This post originally appeared on the Dealspotr blog. Dealspotr is the most accurate coupon site that pays you to save. I’m @20somethingcoup on Dealspotr, use my link to join today and earn 5,000 bonus points.

10 National Retailers That Allow Coupon Stacking - 20 Something Couponer

Coupon stacking is the best thing since…well…coupons.

The idea that you can use a store’s BOGO coupon, then take another 10% off from a manufacturer’s coupon is a 60%-off thing of beauty. It’s the type of tactic that allows shows like Extreme Couponing to exist, and it empowers moms everywhere to save gobs of money. But not all stores allow such antics.

So how do you know which stores allow coupon stacking? If you’re an extreme couponer (or just a mom looking to rack up on tons of groceries for REALLY cheap) how do you know where to focus your efforts?

Here’s a list of 10 of the top stores out there that allow you to stack coupons:


From their website:

“Only one manufacturer coupon (paper or Cartwheel digital), one Target coupon (paper or digital), and one Cartwheel℠ offer can be combined per item (unless otherwise noted on coupon).”

In other words, you can stack up to 3 total coupons per item!


Publix has a fairly simple coupon stacking policy. According to their website, “A manufacturer’s coupon can be combined with a Publix coupon or with a competitor’s coupon, but not both.”

What they mean is, you can’t combine a manufacturer’s coupon, a Publix coupon, AND a competitor’s coupon. But you can combine a manufacturer’s coupon with a Publix coupon, or a manufacturer’s coupon with a competitor’s coupon. Not bad at all.

Whole Foods

Their coupon policy states:

“A store coupon and a manufacturer coupon can be combined on one item. When the value of the coupon exceeds the value of the product no cash back is given. Coupons are never doubled or tripled.”

The main takeaway there is that you can combine a manufacturer coupon and a store coupon.

Dollar General

Per Dollar General’s website:

“Dollar General does allow the stacking of a single Manufacturer Coupon and a single Dollar General Coupon per single item in a transaction. Stacking of 2 or more Manufacturer Coupons per item is not allowed.

The stacking of 2 or more Dollar General Coupons in a transaction is allowed unless otherwise noted on the coupon or associated promotional art.”

Pretty self-explanatory.

Family Dollar

Their website says:

“Only ONE Manufacturer coupon and ONE Family Dollar coupon can be used per ITEM in a transaction. Duplicate coupons in one transaction are accepted as long as there is an item purchased for each coupon.”


CVS’s coupon policy isn’t very descriptive, but it says they do allow multiple coupons as long as all coupons “meet their qualifications”. One could assume that means as long as the coupons are valid, you’re good to go.

Allyou.com elaborates a bit on CVS’s coupon policy:

“CVS allows one (1) store coupon and one (1) manufacturer coupon per item. You may also use your Extra Care Bucks (ECB) in combination with other coupons.

Unless a limit is specified, CVS accepts multiple like coupons for multiple qualifying items as long as there is sufficient stock to satisfy other customers.”

Rite Aid

Rite Aid’s Coupon Acceptance Policy states:

“More than one coupon can be used on the purchase of a single item under the following conditions:

All coupons match the item being purchased.

The total of the coupons is equal to or less than the selling price of the item before sales tax.”


Walgreens.com says:

“When purchasing a single item, Walgreens accepts one manufacturer coupon and applicable Walgreens coupon(s) for the purchase of a single item, unless prohibited by either coupon offer.

When purchasing multiple items, Walgreens accepts multiple coupons for multiple qualifying items, as long as there is sufficient stock to satisfy other customers, unless a limit is specified on the coupon.”

They also say they have the right to prohibit “excessive quantities”.

Old Navy

Old Navy’s website says:

“Depending on the promotion, you may be able to apply more than one promotion code to a single online order. For example, if you have a promotion code for free shipping, and another for 10% off an item, you may be able to use both. However, most of our promotions cannot be combined with other offers or discounts.”

They go on to state:

“You can use up to five promotions codes and Rewards Cards for a single purchase.”


Gap.com allows up to 5 coupons per order, but not all coupons stack. They also don’t generally allow coupon stacking in-store, so if you want to save the most at Gap, try to do your shopping online.

Looking for more stores who allow coupon stacking?

There are many other retailers out there who allow coupon stacking, but these are a few of the biggest ones with verified coupon-stacking-friendly policies. Always make sure you read the company’s coupon policy before dedicating time and energy to finding coupons, and don’t simply take word of mouth as truth. It’s better to read a little fine print beforehand than be denied at checkout.
Author: Mike Taylor (@mikeptaylor) from mikeptaylor.net.

Why You Should Never Buy Clothes at Full Price

Why You Should Never Buy Clothes at Full Price - 20 Something Couponer

I never buy anything at full price if I can help it. This is especially true with clothes – I always find great clothes at thrift stores, on eBay or on the sale racks for a fraction of the list price. The following are just a few reasons that I think you should never buy clothes at full price.

Why You Should Never Buy Clothes at Full Price

Finding Unique Pieces – This one is for eBay and thrift stores specifically. I’ve have found great items that I would never find in store through these sources. I love finding vintage things that are no longer available anywhere else. This might sound dumb, but sometimes it feels like I’ve found treasure when I discover a cool and unique item that I know no one I know has anything like it!

Don’t Have to be Afraid of Ruining it – Whenever I have bought something nice in the past, I never use it because I’m scared of ruining it or I feel like I need to save it for a special thing. I once bought a sweater at a store that is way out of my price range and I never wore it because I didn’t want to ruin it because I paid so much for it. When I finally was like “Screw this, I’m going to wear it” I pulled it out of my closet, it got snagged on something and the whole sweater unraveled. SO moral of the story, wear your clothes and if you’re like me, don’t spend a lot of money on clothes and then feel like it’s too nice to actually wear.

Doesn’t Make you Feel Guilty – Whenever I spend a lot of money on something, I feel guilty about it. Like “I should have saved that money” or I even start to second guess my purchase. Or like the story above, I don’t even wear it because I feel like it’s too special and I don’t want to ruin it. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve gotten some amazing things from secondhand stores, like my favorite pair of Madewell jeans I got at the Salvation Army, but I know I won’t feel as bad if something happens to them because I won’t think of it as $50 that I can never get back.

Finding Deals is Fun – Admit it, when you get a great deal on something, it makes your whole day better. I know that I can’t wait to tell everyone how I just got whatever for a steal. Then every time I wear it, I’m reminded of how great I felt when I bought it and it makes my day just a tiny bit better.

Do you buy your clothes at full price or are you a bargain hunter like me? If you’re a bargain hunter, do you stick to things that are new and on sale or are you a thrift store shopper? Let me know in the comments!

Find Great Gifts with Groupon Goods

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. 

Find Great Gift Groupon Goods - 20 Something CouponerFall is always a busy season for me. Both of my parents birthday’s are in October and a lot of my friends have autumn birthdays. So as soon as it gets to be the end of August, I start looking everywhere for great gifts at prices that won’t break the bank.

That’s why Groupon Goods is one of my most trusted sources for finding presents for those close to me. There is such a wide variety of items that I’m almost guaranteed to find something for everyone on my list. Also, their prices are so fantastic, I don’t need to worry about running out of money for gifts!

Groupon Goods offers great items at huge discounts, sometimes even more than 50 percent! Don’t believe me? Check out the screen shot below for just a small sample of some of their great deals!

Find Great Gifts on Groupon Goods - 20 Something Couponer

Even if you may not have any gifts to buy for the fall like I do, the holiday season is around the corner and it’s never too early to get start shopping for Christmas presents!

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Have you ever used Groupon Goods? If you have, what’s the best deal you’ve gotten through it? Let me know in the comments!