Blog Income Report – May 2016

Blog Income Report - May 2016 - 20 Something Couponer

Jeez, didn’t May go by quickly? I feel like I was just writing my income report for April yesterday! Personally, my month was great, especially my trip to Captiva, Florida.

Now that I’ve been blogging for six months, I’ve discovered that reading other bloggers income reports is a great way to learn how other bloggers monetize their blogs. I hope that my monetization journey can help other bloggers so, here is my May income report:


ShareASale– $15

Warby Parker – $10

ShareASale – $5

I’ve written previously about how much I love ShareASale. However, I’m disappointed that I didn’t earn more after having such a great month in April.

Lime Resumes – $30

This was actually from February, but the payment finally cleared last week so I included it in this month.

IZEA – $8

IZEA is growing on me. This month, I had two sponsored tweets that both paid $4.

Google Adsense- $. 95

MAY 2016 INCOME TOTAL  – $53.95 ($28.30 less than April)

Social Media Totals for May 2016

I’m pretty impressed with my nearly 500 follower increase on Twitter, but looking at these numbers, I really need to focus on my Instagram and Facebook pages.

Goals for June 2016

  • I want to focus on increasing my page views. Since March, I have not been able to break 3,000 monthly page views. Not sure how I’m going to do this, anyone have any suggestions?
  • SEO is confusing to me, so I’d like to learn more about it. Hopefully, a better understanding of SEO will increase my page views.
  • I also earned $30 in Amazon gift cards through DealSpotr, which I think is pretty awesome and worth noting. Read more about DealSpotr here.

Total Money Earned Blogging – $150.30

Previous Income Reports

Fellow bloggers, how did you do in May? Have any tips or tricks for me? Let me know in the comments.

30 thoughts on “Blog Income Report – May 2016

  1. Congrats on income and I think you accurately show how hard it is to make income from a blog, its a lot of work!

  2. Thank you for sharing! I just started using Share A Sale ads and plan on taking this weekend to apply to a few more programs. This gets me excited to see a new blogger already making money. Yeah, great job!

  3. I really appreciate that you post your income reports and love to hear what is working for other bloggers. I have never checked out IZEA but am definitely going to do that now!

  4. I also appreciate the income report updates. I have never heard of ShareASale or IZEA before, I will have to check them out.

    Good luck with learning about SEO. That is next up on my list to do,

    1. No problem, Rachel! I love reading other income reports so I thought and hope sharing mine would help others!

    1. Thanks Jessica! And you’re right, monetizing and pretty much everything else when it comes to blogging has a lot to do with baby steps!

    1. Yoast has definitely helped me understand the basics of SEO but like you, I’m trying to learn more beyond the plug-in! Thanks for commenting!

  5. Not bad at all! Weird but I made my most money ever this month but had the least pageviews that I have had in a while….interesting how that works! You got this.

    xoxo, Jenny

    1. Thanks Jenny! And yeah, it really is weird how that works out, I always though page views and money were directly related!

  6. Awesome! You’re doing a great job so far!! Keep it going! I’m thinking of maybe sharing my income report on my blog too. Thanks for the inspiration :))

  7. Great job with your blog income. Blogging is hard and time consuming, it seems like you have a lot to be proud of in the month of May. Congratulations, with all your success thus far!

  8. Good for you for earning a little extra income! We haven’t started monetizing yet but that’s next on the list, so this is really inspiring! And your Twitter numbers are stellar! We’re working on optimizing Pinterest this month. 🙂

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