Blog Income Report – November 2016

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Blog Income Report - November 2016 - 20 SOMETHING COUPONER

How are we entering the Holiday season already? It seems like I was just posting my May income report! Hope everyone had a fantastic November. Mine was filled with lots of sales and saving.

I’ve been blogging for a while now and I’ve discovered that reading other bloggers income reports is a great way to learn how other bloggers monetize their blogs. I hope that my monetization journey can help other bloggers so, here is my October blog income report:

Blog Income Report – November 2016


ShareASale– $23.50

Candy Club – $23.50

Some other affiliates are not as consistent, but I always earn something with ShareASale! If you want to know more about this great affiliate network, read my post about how much I love ShareASale.

IZEA – $7

Google Adsense- $74.19

I think this is the most I’ve made any month through Google Adsense!

November 2016 BLOG INCOME TOTAL  – $104.69

Social Media Totals for November 2016

Goals for December 2016

  • I posted over 6 posts in November which I was pretty proud of. Hopefully, I can do as many or more in December!
  • Work on making more money – People who have had blogs as long as I have (almost a year now!) are making a lot more money.
  • Sponsored posts! I think this is how other bloggers are eclipsing my monthly income totals so greatly. Just need to find out how to get them…

Total Money Earned Blogging – $915.28

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Fellow bloggers, how did you do this month? Let me know in the comments.

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