How to Save at Six Flags

How to Save at Six Flags - 20 Something Couponer

The first time I went to Six Flags was last year – it took me 22 years to go to a real theme park. I didn’t realize how much fun I had been missing out on all those years! One of our friends found a great deal on season passes, $60 each. We took advantage of the deal, got the passes, and my boyfriend and I went every other week this summer to Six Flags New England. After spending so much time there, I picked up a few ways to save money while still having fun at Six Flags that I’d like to share with you.

How to Save at Six Flags

Get a Season Pass – If you plan on visiting the park more than once, this is definitely the way to go because the season pass is about the same price as a one-day ticket in the park. There are a ton of added bonuses with the season pass too, for example, you can bring a friend for free on select days. Also, I’m not sure if this is the case when you get a season pass at all parks, but at Six Flags New England, your pass includes unlimited admission to Six Flags New England, unlimited admission to Six Flags Great Adventure, and unlimited admission to ALL Six Flags theme parks.

Buy a free refill cup – I don’t drink soda, but everyone else I know does and that is why this is a great deal. Once you buy the cups, which are $19.99, you get free refills from the many soda stations around the park for the rest of the season. My friends all refilled these massive cups multiple times every visit. You don’t have to worry about where to put them while you’re on the rides either, there are numbered holders on the side of each ride so you don’t lose it.

Eat before or after, not in the park – The Six Flags food, besides the traditional carnival food (fried oreos!), is not that good and very expensive. Instead of eating in the park, I recommend eating before or after. Since there’s a Chick-Fil-A on the way to Six Flags New England, my friends and I stop and eat there. It’s cheaper and better than any of the park food.

Don’t get a locker unless you have to – When I’m not in the water park, I have my phone attached to a lanyard that also has a very fashionable velcro wallet on it. I keep my license, cash and card in the wallet and since it’s velcro, not even Superman: The Ride can get anything out of it. However, in the water park is a different story, I always get a locker. I’m not taking any chances by just leaving a bag by a chair somewhere.

Check Locally – One of my readers, Chris, reminded me of this great tip – check locally to see if any places around you offer discount tickets or coupons. Chris says, “Our local library and rec department always have discount Six Flag tickets.” I’ve also seen coupons at Dunkin Donuts as well.

How do you save money when you go to theme parks? Also, I’d love to hear about what your favorite theme parks are, where you think I should visit next?  Let me know in the comments!

24 thoughts on “How to Save at Six Flags

  1. I did not know about the cup holders! That’s pretty cool. And I agree – food at 6 flags is so expensive! My family used to just go to the parking lot for eating breaks.

  2. Might also check if anywhere local has discount tickets. Our local library and rec department always have discount six flag tickets.

    1. Seriously, so overpriced for food that’s just meh! Also, discounted tickets from your supermarket? That’s pretty awesome, Stop and Shop would never do something fun like that.

      Thanks for commenting, Amanda!

  3. I love the tip for not eating at the park! This will honestly save you money just about anywhere, but at theme parks the food is sooo overpriced it’s crazy! I’m also always down for finding coupons! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Eating ahead or bringing your own food is pretty much the way to go – the savings really add up. Too bad they don’t have food coupons!

      Thank you for commenting, Marie!

  4. For any readers who are military, it’s also worth checking with the MWR – they usually have cheaper tickets for local places like amusement parks. Back when my fiance was in the Navy, we got a lot of less expensive tickets that way!

    1. Totally had to google MWR to find out what it means 🙂 but that’s a great resource and a great tip for military families!

    1. Thank you for commenting, Valerie! I hope you visit Six Flags soon, I haven’t been in a few months and I’m already missing it tons.

    1. You should go! It’s a lot of fun, plus even if you don’t enjoy rides, the people watching is great 🙂 Also, glad you like my money saving tips!

  5. Love these tips! I’m so bummed that Houston doesn’t have a Six Flags anymore (it closed about 10 years ago), but these definitely apply to any theme park.

    1. That’s such a bummer – but I’ve heard Texas has some pretty cool theme parks so hopefully that makes up for losing Six Flags!

  6. My husband and I got the seasons pass for Six Flags Over Texas and have a few tips as well. We share our cup and refill it. We also bought a refillable popcorn bucket for $6.99 for when we forget to eat between the water park and six flags. The popcorn bucket has 99 cent refills which makes it worth it with season passes. We also skip lines to our favorite rides by choosing the single person lines and usually end up saving tons of time. Most of the time we end up close to each other on the rides anyway. We also skip water park lockers for $20 by locking our items in the back of our SUV by the wheel well and hiding the key in a magnetic key box under our car. So we spend the day at the park without items bothering us. We do take our shoes and stash those at the lazy river entrance for the day and nobody bothers them.

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