Why ShareASale is the Best Affiliate Network

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Why ShareASale is the Best Affiliate Network

Guys, monetizing a blog is HARD. I’ve really been struggling with finding a way to earn money through this blog and because I have no job right now, this is my only source of income. I’ve joined multiple affiliate networks and nothing has come from them, but that was only until I joined ShareASale.

I often look at other people’s blog income reports to learn how they are making money and ShareASale kept coming up as a top earning source, so I decided to check it out for myself. Signing up was easy (just click this link) and my application was accepted in less than a day. I then applied to be an affiliate with a few companies and heard about if I was approved or denied to work with them within a few days. One of the things that impressed me most about ShareASale was how quickly everything fell into place, I’ve never had to wait very long for anything.

Another reason I like ShareASale is because it’s a lot easier to navigate than other affiliate sites. It loads quickly and you can easily see all your affiliates, clicks and commission on one page.

I also really like the variety of companies that they have on their site. Every affiliate that I have interacted with has had great customer service and been really helpful. Plus, I’ve found a few affiliates that pay you if you just post their banner on their site, pretty awesome and easy!

If you’re stuck in a monetizing rut and not sure what to do next, definitely try ShareASale and after you sign up, apply to work with the companies I’ve listed below! I’ve found that these companies have the best deals, customer service and affiliate programs around!

Apply to work with ShareASale, then bookmark this page to come back to and sign up with these merchants after you’ve been approved! 

Join the Julep Affiliate Program

Join the EasyClosets affiliate program

Join the Warby Parker affiliate program

Join the Cents of Style Affiliate Program

Join The California Wine Club Affiliate Program

Join the Stella & Dot Affiliate Program
This one has BIG payouts, up to $100!

Join the Madison Reed Affiliate Program
They will send you a coupon for a free item when you sign up as an affiliate!

Join the 1stinCoffee Affiliate Program

Join the WP Engine affiliate program

Join FMTC’s affiliate program

Join the LuLus.com Affiliate Program
They will pay you if you put a banner on your site!

Have you been trying to monetize your blog? What has worked for you? Let me know in the comments!

28 thoughts on “Why ShareASale is the Best Affiliate Network

    1. I’m so glad I could help and I hope you get accepted! Definitely apply for LuLu’s if you do!

  1. Ok now I have not excuse not to try this. 😉 Seriously thanks for encouragement. I was already accepted now I just need to look at companies and DO it!

    1. I don’t think so, I looked it up and nothing came up – I would apply and see what happens! Good luck and let me know if you do/what happens!

  2. I’m gonna look into them Sarah.. I have share a sale so hopefully itl start payin off soon. Just wanted to mention I have a facebook group now so msg me and ill give you the name didnt wanna post it here

    1. Definitely apply to the shops I’ve listed, being paid for putting a banner on your site is really nice! Also, I’d love to join – I’ll message you!

  3. Hi, Sarah
    I agree with you it is not easy to earn money from Affiliate programs.
    i will go into the programs listed here to find out whether they are for me.
    However I have found one is working pretty well:
    this is digital affiliate product of increasing Facebook likes and engagement.
    People work very hard to increase that numbers.
    The pay out rate of this program is 40 % each sale.
    If you have time, check it out
    Contact me if you need more information
    let me know how you feel
    -Stella Chiu

    1. I got accepted by a couple companies through ShareaSale but now I don’t know how to put them into my blog? I’m bad at this lol.

      1. Once you’re accepted, go to your homepage and under Merchant Info click “Current total.” Then for whatever company you want to use for your blog, go to where there are on that page and to the right click on “get links” – hope that helps!

        1. I can find the links and everything, but when I put them in a post it doesn’t seem to work? And I don’t know how to get them on my main page. Everything I’ve tried it doesn’t look like they show up. How do I know they’re working?

          1. I looked at your blog and didn’t see any ads. So, When you put them in a post, you’re putting it is as HTML and not like a regular post right? Also, are you trying to put them in the posts or in your sidebar?

            Also, if you have AdBlock, make sure thats turned off!

            Let me know what happens!

          2. I know my Adsense ads work. I don’t have the affiliate ads up. I took them down because I didn’t think they’re working. I looked up how to put them in but I feel I may not be doing it right? Its probably much easier than I am making it lol.

          3. Hi Carissa! Do you have a self hosted blog? If you are running your site on wordpress.com that might the reason your ads are not showing up.

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